Getting Rid Of Silverfish

If you have seen silverfish within your home, you may be concerned and getting rid of silverfish may also be your top priority. These silverfish can grow to reach a half inch long and they are a silvery color. They are shaped liked an average cockroach but they do not look similar. They have six longer legs that can be seen on the thicker upper part of the body. But the silverfish appears to have a slimmer looking back end that looks like a tail. On the end of this back end there are antenna looking legs that can be seen and they also appear on the head of this insect. Although the silverfish is not known to spread diseases or illnesses, they can still damage your home and property. So getting rid of silverfish is important.

Silverfish love damp areas and this includes basements, under sinks, around toilets and in laundry rooms. They also consume any type of mold that is found on any of these surfaces. The first tips for getting rid of silverfish are to remove any mold or discoloring seen in these areas. Fungus can not only attract these creatures but it can also cause breathing difficulties and it has been linked to allergic reactions. The best way to remove fungus is to use bleach. It can also help to keep these places dry and ventilated. Open a window after you use your shower or use the bathroom fan. Since silverfish like warm wet places, it can also help to open a window when the weather is cooler outside.

These little nuisances can also be seen in or around book cases because they also consume paper and the glue that binds books together. They are also known to consume wallpaper. If you already have an infestation, you probably aren’t yet aware of the damage to your property. Luckily, there are many more ways to rid your self of these insects and getting rid of silverfish can become easier.

Look under your sinks and bathtubs and make sure that there are not any leaks. Even a slight drip can not only attract silverfish but it can also attract cockroaches and water beetles. It can also help to search outdoors. There may be a leak with one of the pipes or with the outdoor water fixtures and this can add to the problem. You can seal any gaps or cracks around the pipes. But in some cases it might be impossible to stop silverfish.

If you live in a close proximity to a swampy area, you will see them in your house in the early spring, every year. The only thing you can do to avoid this is to keep your windows and doors tightly shut and be careful that you do not carry them in with you when you enter the house. You can use an insecticide but make sure that you follow the directions. They can be extremely poisonous to small children and pets. So it might be a good idea to use these products when children and pets are not present.

The best advice for getting rid of silverfish would be to keep your home clean and dry. Never let damp clothing sit for a long period of time between washings and remove any mold seen within the home. It can also help to remove any mold that is seen on the outside of the house on paneling or siding. This can also attract silverfish. Do not allow any water to stand for a long period of time in any area and it can also help to vacuum thoroughly everyday.

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