How To Get Rid Of Flies

Nothing is worse than a house full of flies. Many things attract a fly into the house and once one gets in it seems many more follow. What may start out as simply a few flies can quickly turn into an infestation. The first step to fighting flies is knowing what type of fly they are and then you can start to rid yourself and your house of flies.

There are four types of flies that you may find around your home. Drain flies are found in drains or sewers. Fruit flies like garbage or other rotting food products. Phorid flies like drains, garbage and any rotting organic matter. Sphaerocerid flies are found around rotting food sources and drains.

The first step to getting rid of flies is to clean up. Since flies like dirty areas, a good cleaning of garbage areas and drains is a good start. Keeping food put away in sealed containers and cleaning up messes as soon as they occur is something that has to be done to help avoid flies.
You also need to make sure they can not get in through holes in your window screens. These can be easily patched or if they are badly damaged get them replaced. Also watch to see if they are coming in through cracks in the door. If your door does not close all the way or has visible openings when closed you should get it fixed as flies will use that as an entrance.

To help get rid of the flies in your home hang glue strips. These sticky strip hang from the ceiling and catch the flies as they are flying around. You will need to change them often to keep them ready to catch more flies. There are also sprays you can buy to use for flies.

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