How to Prune and Grow Bonsai Trees

Trees are very refreshing to look at. That is why going outdoors and enjoying the pretty sight of trees around surely would be a perfect unwinding activity. But if you are living in the urban jungle, looking at trees would be a luxury. But did you know that you could actually grow trees at the comfort of your own home or inside your office? You could take care and grow bonsai trees so you could have trees right inside your comfortable room.

Growing bonsai is a very popular hobby nowadays. When you grow bonsai trees, they are technically trees because all the attributes of a real tree is present. However, a bonsai does not grow sturdy and tall as any other tree. At most, if you grow bonsai trees, they could grow about two feet and at the very least, could be just as short as two inches.

If you grow bonsai trees, no matter the height and width, bonsai is still a tree. What is more interesting about a bonsai is that even if it does not grow very tall, it could develop and look exactly like a normal but miniature tree.

How to grow bonsai trees

If you are interested enough to grow bonsai trees, there are few simple guidelines that could help you carry out the activity. Take note that even if a bonsai is a miniature thing, it needs more caring and maintenance. Remember these few tips:

  1. To grow bonsai trees, you should buy seedlings that are specifically meant to become a bonsai. There are also wood cuttings that could be turned into a beautiful bonsai. You could not just convert any tree cutting or seedling into a bonsai.
  2. You need to use bonsai soil to grow bonsai trees. It should be potted. Bonsai soil is sold at plant houses or specialty botanical shops. This type of soil dry out much faster than the usual type of soil, just perfect for bonsai, which constantly needs water, but does not like to be overly soaked up.
  3. Sufficient humidity is needed to grow bonsai trees. Put the bonsai pot in a tray with shallow water. That way, the tree could easily sense humidity around it.
  4. If you grow bonsai trees, make sure the bonsai regularly gets direct sunlight. You could place it near the window where it could be exposed to sunlight or take it outside for some hours during daytime.

Tips In Pruning Bonsai Trees

When you grow bonsai trees, you would be required to prune the tree during specified seasons. Pruning bonsai trees is the task referring to the act of peeling the old and rotting bark on the trunk or simply maintaining the top appearance, and even the root portion, of the bonsai. Here are some guidelines when pruning bonsai trees:

  1. In pruning bonsai trees, carefully prune your bonsai during spring time or fall. That means you must prune the tree at least once a year.
  2. When pruning bonsai trees, take out all unnecessary branches that sprout in the trunk. That would help keep the beauty and artistic value of your bonsai. You would not want your bonsai to look cluttered and messy, right?
  3. Spend equal focus on the ground level part of the tree and on its roots. When you prune the trunk and leaves, also prune the roots. Trim the roots if you may so growth would be neutralized and balanced.

Overall, when you grow bonsai trees, your bonsai needs to be pruned regularly. Pruning bonsai trees help maintain the desired shape and size of the tree. Now you know that keeping a bonsai is just like having an animal pet at home.

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