Orchad Dangers: Insect family

What can be done to rid the gardens of these pests? From traps to exterminators, from organic sprays to more conventional sprays there is something to get rid of these unwanted and sometimes deadly creatures.

Pests in the Insect Family

There are well more than a million dissimilar species in the insect world and many more linked to insects. A few are beneficial and are not harmful to humans. But there are a few that have the notoriety of being a nuisance to human activities.


Mosquitoes are pests that are just an additional one coarse observance of summer. But with the expanding West Nile and meningitis problems that have been linked with them, it’s no wonder people hate mosquitoes.

Mosquito Control

There are many ways to be rid of mosquitoes. But stoppage is a must to keep the people down. Make sure all standing water in sources such as swimming pools, tires and buckets are all dumped. The female mosquito can lay hundreds even thousands of eggs in standing water. Sometimes the larva can be seen swimming about in these wee pools of stagnant water. Discharge of these stagnant pools is important to help decrease the spread of these annoyances.

There are many sprays and lotions that keep mosquitoes at bay. The ones that are most productive are ones containing a chemical called Deet. Deet has been known to cause some reactions in people so caution should be taken just like with any chemical.
Mosquitoes tend to stay away from citrus smells. The scented Geraniums are good plants to have in areas where humans may have interactions with mosquitoes. There are also citrus candles made for keeping away these pesky wee insects.

Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps and other flying insects are ordinarily beneficial. Bees help pollinate flowers. Wasps are parasitic toward some harmful creatures such as caterpillars that can destroy a large area of crops.

But if not dealt with properly, bees and wasps can be a danger. These insects are stinging insects and can deal a sting that is very painful. Some people have allergic reactions causing the need for immediate curative attention.

Wasps are especially known for aggressive behaviors. A wasp known as the Yellow Jacket is very aggressive. Bees ordinarily are not as aggressive. But a genetically altered version of honey bees often called Africanized Honey bees or Killer Bees are very aggressive and attacks have been known to take lives of their victims.

Bee Control

There are many ways to be rid of bees and wasps. These methods can comprise nest or hive control, chemical control and professional service control.

Controlling the nest is a hard thing to do for bees and especially wasps. You first must take off the insects themselves. Most times this can be done with smoke used in bee culture, the raising of bees. Bodily Discharge or relocation of the nest is possible but sometimes the chances of the nest being destroyed or injured can occur.

Chemical sprays can be used to kill the bees and wasps. There are many commercial thorough sprays at any home and organery store and most supermarkets carry these as well.

Professional services, the exterminator services, are needed when bees and wasps have nests that are in greatest places such as inside a home, inside the insulation or high in trees or in hard to reach places. These services have varied costs depending on the service needed so call colse to find out the range of costs.

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