Silverfish Insects

Silverfish insects are tiny, flat insects that grow to be between a half an inch and a full inch in length. They’re shaped much like a fish, except that they have tiny antennae coming from their body. Silverfish insects are silver in color, and they usually only come out at night. Young silverfish are whitish in color, although they turn a bluish-gray or silver color as they get older.

Silverfish insects eat a lot of carbohydrates, including both sugars and starches. They especially like some of the starches that are found in common adhesives like glue, book bindings, photos, coffee, and clothing. Silverfish can cause a lot of damage to books and linens like curtains or sheets. Silverfish are also know to attack leather and synthetic fabrics if there are no cotton, silk, or linen fabrics available to them.

Silverfish prefer a moist environment that’s moldy and dark. They always stay close to a good source of food, although they can move through a building rapidly if you’re unaware that they are there. Silverfish insects can cause a lot of damage to basements, kitchens, sinks, bookcases, and pretty much any part of your home you can think of.

To get rid of silverfish in your home, start by searching for any sources of moisture. Faulty plumbing can make dark parts of your home moist, moldy, and a perfect home for silverfish. Fix any leaky pipes you have and make sure your attics and any sealed rooms are properly ventilated. A dehumidifier can also help make the air in your house less moist.

Keep in mind that silverfish can survive for up to a year without food, so don’t assume they’re gone just because you haven’t seen any recently. You may want to treat the exterior of your home with an insecticide that’s specifically formulated for silverfish. Insecticides like Cyonara 9.7 or Demon WP will do the trick. Just spray them all around the entry points of your home and the foundation. These sprays last for about two or three months. You’ll have to re-treat the area again.

If silverfish insects are a major problem in your home, you may need to resort to baited traps. Check parts of your home that you don’t usually spend a lot of time in. Storage spaces like attics could be the hidden source of your silverfish problem. You can use silverfish traps in any of these areas and dust with another kind of insecticide like Eco PCO DX Dust. This type of silverfish dust is perfect for hard to reach areas like under the siding on your house and inside the insulation in your attic. Silverfish dust usually lasts for about six months, so there’s no need to treat as often with this type of insecticide.

If you decide to try trapping the silverfish, Intice Granular Baits work wonders for trapping silverfish. If silverfish keep popping up in your living spaces, you can also try a household aerosol spray that targets silverfish.

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