The Easy Way to Start a Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetables is something that gives many people great pride. Nothing is more satisfying than sitting at the kitchen table knowing the things you are about to consume we made with your hands. Trying to replace this satisfaction is very tough to beat. We have gathered some tips to get you started quickly and effortlessly toward your first vegetable garden.

There are a wide variety of vegetables that you can choose from to put into your first garden. The key is choosing the ones that you love to eat. This will give you something to look forward to and you’re more likely to take better care of something you like than food you hate. Some of the more popular vegetables that people usually start with are sweet corn, beans, peas, and tomatoes. There are many others but these are the ones most people will start with. These are also very hardy and grow fairly quickly so you will see progress and that will make the first time gardener very happy.

Dividing up your garden space is also a very important part to your new gardening venture. People will just start planting without proper planning and they are just asking for troubles. Different vegetables have different needs as far as sunlight and moisture. If your garden is located where sunlight isn’t on it all the time than where you plant certain things can really affect how they grow and the time it takes for them to grow. Many of the packets of seeds have the growing season and the amount of sunlight they need. Follow these requirements carefully. If you are going to plant seeds start them in potted plants inside your home first. This will give you a much great chance for success when you plant them in the ground. Make sure you put markers so you know what is in each row of your garden. This way you can see how things are growing.

Weeds are something you will have to deal with as your plants get bigger. Many people think that these really don’t affect the growth of your plants, but that isn’t true. The weeds that are in your garden the less room your vegetables have to grow. Weeding weekly is a good idea as your garden progresses. Insects and rodents are another thing that you may have to deal with. Rodents are less of a problem compared to some of the insects you will encounter. Go to your garden supply store and they will have many different products that can be used to protect your plants and help your plants grow quicker.

Get your whole family in the act of helping with your new garden. You will be surprised on how much help your family will give you. Kids love seeing plants grow and they could be your biggest helpers especially when it comes to weeding. Gardens can be a lot of work sometimes, but the rewards that you can reap from it far outweigh the work involved. Why not get yours started today and see how much fun it can be.

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