Vegetable Container Gardening In Texas

How To Get A Container Garden In Texas

Container gardening can even make the most awkward places into a beautiful garden. You can plant great container gardens on rooftops, balconies, window sills, patios, decks and even the smallest of the places. It’s easy to do vegetable container gardening in Texas. Texas is one hot state where the temperatures can soar, it’s important that the vegetables, fruits and plants that are chosen are hardy and able to withstand the temperatures.

One of the biggest advantages of container gardening is overcoming poor soil problems. Containers can provide great relief and instant greenery to a place. In fact trees can also be grown in containers. For those who have the space and ample natural light, citrus trees grow great in containers. They are hardy and make for great vegetable container gardening in teas. Even the smaller varieties of this family such as lemon and kumquats can be easily grown in the container. In fact, during the winter freeze these can be quickly moved indoors.
Vegetables can be easily grown. The right mix of the soil and the right container are required to grow the vegetables. There are plenty of great vegetables that can be grown such as tomatoes, herbs, peppers, onions, eggplants, beans, lettuce, squash, cucumbers etc.

Kinds Of Soil

Regardless of which soil is been used for the containers, the soil should be free of diseases and weed seeds. Both natural and synthetic soils are easily available in gardening and hardware shops. There are lots of containers in which vegetable container gardening in Texas can be done. Be creative and get earthen and ceramic pots, planter boxes, bushel baskets, plastic trash containers, etc.

Right Amount Of Water Is Essential

Watering the containers is essential. Water logging can become a real problem, if the container vegetables are watered too often. Usually watering them once a day is enough. The plants must also receive adequate sunlight. Shift the plants accordingly so that they can receive the best possible sunlight.

Battling Diseases For The Container Gardens

Just like a normal vegetable garden, vegetable container gardening is also prone to insects and fungi and other pests. Use of EPA approved, fungicides and insecticides should be used for ensuing that the plants remain disease free. Harvesting the vegetables at the peak of their maturity will ensure that you get the best taste and flavor of the vegetable that you have planted.

Some Considerations For Choosing Vegetable Container Gardening In Texas

Determine the space that you have for container gardening. The containers should have ample space for the plants to grow. If you plan to shift the containers around, then weight is a big consideration. The containers should have holes in the bottom for proper drainage.

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